Pre-empting industry's expectation has always been a feature of TS growth. Today, shipbuilders, the offshore industry, environmental designers and engineers all trust and rely on the integrity and quality of our products.

Our growth and expansion has met the expectations of our global and international customers and we have done this without losing focus on our core competences of quality and flexibility which is the basis of our company.

From our original base in Germany, growth has extended through Europe and across to America. And recognising the needs and opportunities of the emerging Asian market, in 1998, TS established TS Fasteners in Melbourne Australia. In order to be true to the original values of the company, the Group's Managing Director - Mr Bert Berens left Bitburg to open the Australian operation.

And in 2005, the group in Australia expanded even further with the introduction of TS Special Steels.

TS Fasteners + TS Special Steels
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Dandenong South,
Victoria 3175
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